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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, & Star Trek: Voyager

1) Standard uniform used in TNG's first and second seasons. It was then used by extra's in the third season.
2) An admiral's uniform from the first season of TNG.
3) Men's uniform used by main characters, from the third season of TNG, to the present.
4) Dress uniform used from TNG's first season, up to the present.
5) Uniform used from the fourth season, to the present.
6) A jumpsuit introduced on Deep Space Nine. Currently in use aboard U.S.S. Voyager. This uniform did not replace the uniforms from the Next Generation, but seems to have been used alongside it, as seen in Generations. Officer's on Earth still use the Next Generation uniform.
7) This is the latest uniform issued by Starfleet. It was first seen in First Contact, and then in the Deep Space Nine episode "Rapture." The reason Deep Space Nine started using this new uniform more than a month after First Contact is because of production timing. This means that First Contact took place after "Rapture." Not all admiral uniforms have been modified, and some officers still use the Next Generation uniform.

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